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Grade Levels Pre–K – K The DLM Early Childhood Program is everything you need for a full year of classroom instruction or for enhancing your existing curriculum. Each child-centered thematic unit offers more than 200 age-appropriate, hands-on learning experiences to motivate children – and promote their social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development. There are 20 thematic units to choose from:


A Place for Me / Un lugar para mí

Food, Glorious Food / ¡Comida, deliciosa comida!

Tail Tales / Habí ;a una vez…

Travelers / Los viajeros

Giants / Los gigantes

Making Music / Al compás de la musica

Creeping Crawlies / Animales rastreros

Ways of Living Things / Formas de vivir

Caring for Our World / Cuidemos nuestro mundo

Make Believe / El mundo imaginario

Traditional Tales / Cuentos tradicionales

Amazing Me / Soy sorprendente

Friends and Family / Los amigos y la familia

World of Animals / El mundo de los animals

Three for the Sea / El mundo marino

What a Wonderful World / ¡Qué mundo tan maravilloso!

Construction Zone / Zona de construccíon

Celebrating Little Things / Cosas menudas que celebrar

A Kid's Way / Solo para niños

Snap, Crackle, and Jump / Ritmo y sonido

• Organized, easy-to-manage program

• Incorporates the latest research in brain development

• Supports language development

• Uses a literature-based, thematic approach

• Provides support for teachers with a variety of resources

• Deluxe Packages provide a rich, year-long curriculum and the Deluxe Customized Packages allow you to pick and choose units

• Individual Units are available separately allowing you to add to your existing curriculum

• All units available in English and Spanish

• Make English or Spanish programs bilingual, add the appropriate literature collection

• Practical three-step lesson plan, "Focusing, Developing, Continuing," allows children to build on what they already know and develop new capabilities and understandings

• Related Activities offer additional opportunities to extend, enrich, or enhance the primary activity

• Learning Center Activities refer you to more than 150 detailed plans at the back of each Guide

• Involves parents as partners in the learning process

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