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Leaping Literacy CD
Leaping Literacy CD
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Use your rhythm sticks and ribbons to help prepare children for reading success... Songs, tongue twisters and a dramatic listening story ensure that children will develope a love of language. Each song reinforces at least one of the literacy skills fundamental to reading success.


1. Lizzie Leaping Lizard
2. Ribbons in the Air
3. Shake Your Reader Ribbons
4. The Name Game
5. The Rhyme Family
6. Say and Rhyme
7. Chim Chimmy Chimpanzee
8. Animal Cookies
9. Twirl Those Ribbons
10. Listening Story
11. ZZZZ!  ZZZZ! Snort! Snort!
12. Tongue Twister Tap
13. What's the Weather
14. Nursery Rhyme Tap
15. Alphabet March & Match
16. The Sounds of Nature