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Let's Pretend DVD + Music CD
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Get ready to sing, dance, and exercise your imagination with NOODLEBUG™ in this all-new collection of stories, songs, and activities set in the world of make-believe! Drawn from the pages of the award-winning LADYBUG® magazine, Let's Pretend is a delightful blend of music, animation, and live-action footage of real preschoolers dressing up, role-playing, and pretending. Unlock your child's imagination with NOODLEBUG™ Let's Pretend – a fanciful journey they'll want to explore time and again.

 • A 2004 Parents' Choice Silver Award-Winning Video

Use your Noodle! During the first three years of life, a child’s brain is busy constructing the foundation that it will use for a lifetime of learning. That’s why each NOODLEBUG™ video incorporates 7 Essential Brain-Building Activities and features a helpful Parent Guide with tips on how to maximize your child’s viewing experience.

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