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The Instant Curriculum-Revised
These fun and easy activities promote self-esteem, imagination, thinking and problem solving skills.
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Detailed Description

The activities in this book reflect children's real world math experiences--counting candles on a birthday cake, sorting and classifying toys, making sure there is a one-to-one correspondence between children and cookies. Children learn spatial relationships, patterning, shapes, numeration, and many other math concepts from these simple activities, such as "Nature Sort," "Human Rectangles" and "Stackable Snackables."

Each chapted of this invaluable resource presents a new math concept in developmental sequence, and the activities in each chapter build on what the children have already learned.

Unique features in every chapter include an introductory story, intriguing activities, evaluation criteria, and a newsletter to send home to parents. Each math concept is introduced with a story and ends with suggestions for home connections.


. . .fun for kids and parents alike.
    - Advocate Magazine

A necessity for anyone who works with children in this age range: moms, teacher, homeschoolers, etc.
    - Reviews from Parent Council

Teachers and parents will appreciate an organization which attends to teaching concepts sequentially, using everyday materials. Kids can progress at their own speed using this title's clear explorations.
    - The Midwest Book Review

... an activity-oriented program for use by teachers or parents teaching three- to seven- year olds about math. There are also many suggestions for home activity if the program is being used in school or preschool.
    - Science Books & Films

With over 450 activities, this book contains a wealth of practical and entertaining learning experiences to help young children grow up liking mathematics.
    - Teaching Children Mathematics